5 Essential Personal Development Gurus for You and Your Clients – HPP 35

Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC

Keith Kurlander, CEO of Higher Practice, discusses his 5 go to personal development gurus for times of stress and windows into healing and transformation. He breaks down the similarities and differences between each one, when and how they can be excellent resources for you and your clients, and top books and videos to watch if you’ve never encountered them before.  Even though the personal development and self-help field are vast, it does contain a number of teachers and thought leaders that can be highly useful in your own life and in the office.

When you think about personal development and self-help gurus who come to mind? Do you think of mindfulness teachers, psychology experts, or coaches? Also, what issues do you think are valid for the self-help arena? Can mental health problems be solved there?

Keith will talk about different thought leaders who focus on personal development and how it relates to money, career, mood, presence, fear, courage, and purpose. There are gems in this field if you know where to look for yourself and your clients.


Show Notes:

How people relate to money, abundance and wealth accumulation [2:50]

A modern voice for Buddhism and the basic psychological problems people face [5:15]

How to live an inspired life through your own values [10:45]

Connecting to the divine while honoring the psyche [13:15]

Finding confidence, power, and courage [14:30]

Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC

Keith Kurlander is the founder of Higher Practice, a company dedicated to helping therapists achieve their highest potential in private practice. He has two decades of combined experience in business administration, group facilitation, teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level, yoga instruction and as a licensed professional counselor in private practice.