IPI Programs Overview

Find Out Which Program Is Best For You

We offer a number of programs designed to help mental health providers resolve underlying causes of mental illness so that your clients or patients can go beyond symptom reduction and attain a state of wellness.

Not sure which of our programs is best for you? We’ve put together this chart to help you get a better idea:

Program name Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship Program Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Training Ketamine Medical Provider Training Nutritional Psychiatry Training Personalized Medicine for Mental Health Training
Eligibility Requirements Psychiatrists, Other Physicians, NP’s, PA’s, Naturopaths (NDs) LPCs, Clinical Psychologists, LCSWs, LMFT's, Pre-licensed therapists (MA), Chaplains (M.Div.); or equivalent Psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, other physicians, CRNA’s, NP’s, PA’s Psychiatrists, Other Physicians, NP’s, PA’s, Naturopaths (NDs) IPI Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship Alumni or equivalent training
Overview Learn to identify and treat the root causes of mental illness with natural and pharmaceutical interventions.
Learn about ketamine and other psychedelic-assisted therapies which are likely to be approved, such as MDMA and psilocybin.
Master the best ketamine protocols for mental health conditions and pain syndromes in collaboration with ASKP3.
Make data-driven nutritional interventions and discover the underlying physiology driving personalized nutrition.
Gain expertise in the use of deep phenotyping for optimal treatment plans.
Length 12 months 12 months Self-paced Self-paced Self-paced
Program Structure Online, live and recordings with 1 required in-person conference Online, live and recordings with optional in-person weekend Online, Fully Asynchronous Online, Fully Asynchronous Online, Fully Asynchronous
Learning Hours 155 200 50 25 50
CME/CE Eligible Hours 125 CME 80 CE 50 CME 25 CME 50 CME
IPI Certification Eligible Yes Yes No No No
Enrollment Schedule Now Enrolling for Aug 2023 – June 2024 Now Enrolling for July 2023 - May 2024 Open Enrollment Open Enrollment Open Enrollment
Content Access 1 year after program completion 1 year after program completion 2 years after enrollment 2 years after enrollment 2 years after enrollment
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the application & enrollment process entail?

For our two core programs, the Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship Program and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Training, you will fill out an application and schedule a call with one of our team members. If on the call we mutually decide that you’re a good fit for the program you will be able to enroll immediately. For all other programs, there is no application process which means you are able to enroll at any time and gain instant access to all program materials.

How will I access the course materials?

You will be able to access all course materials through your online student portal. After enrolling in a program you will receive an email with onboarding information including instructions on how to log into the student portal and access your materials.

Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship Program Testimonials

From this experience I feel much more confident about my ability to address and treat the underlying causes of mental illness and feel more hope about the direction of the field of psychiatry. It also has been a wonderful way to feel more connected to like-minded individuals.Lana Benedek, MD, California

This information was what I was hoping to get out of residency in psychiatry, but did not. I feel my toolbox is expanding rapidly and it is exciting. I also feel a sense of renewed excitement about practicing medicine.Catherine Boyd, MD, New Mexico

I feel energized to work with some of the most challenging patients and diagnoses because my theoretical framework to explain mental health has been expanded and deepened. I have more tools to help them. I am looking forward to implementing new treatment strategies and feel more confident that I can use these cutting edge treatments.Lindsay Burke, NP, Colorado 

It was wonderful to be with a group of like-minded people. There were people from all over doing very different things in their careers. People are searching for integrative new approaches and not being defined by the old paradigm. There was a lot of useful practical information as well as an emphasis on the importance of self-care.Andrea Carlsen, MD, New York

The fellowship has been an absolutely profound, hopeful, and life changing experience for me personally and professionally. I feel so refreshed and enlivened sharing time with like-minded people who can see and feel the larger world of wellness. I knew there had to be a home for me where I could connect and belong with others who see more than symptoms and medications, but a whole people with life and energy and dreams!!!Sara Gotheridge, MD, Illinois  

Ketamine Medical Provider Training Testimonials

Being a very busy clinician, the self-paced course was perfect!Ginger Williams DNP, CRNA, Alabama

Wonderful content and context for the advanced ketamine provider aimed at improving the standard of care.Kazi Hassan, MD, Florida

I would highly recommend this program to any medical professional considering working with ketamine, and even to practitioners who are already working with ketamine, as I can think of no other single place to get such a comprehensive overview of the ketamine landscape and as well as the practical issues involved in using therapeutic ketamine.Michael Muench, Georgia

This program represents a considerable investment of time, but it is well worth it! — the coverage is incredibly thorough, both theoretically and especially clinically — not only of ketamine but of alternative and adjunctive treatments. The teachers were excellent. There was ample room to ask all manner of clinical questions. – Jay Bradley Foote MD, New York

This course did a superb job of covering the many ways of utilizing ketamine in psychiatric practice as well as the rapidly expanding evidence base.  I loved that the course was so inclusive.   We covered IV, oral and intranasal administration in detail, patient selection, pharmacologic and holistic maintenance strategies, ketamine assisted psychotherapy, practice models, and so much more. Garrett Deckel, MD, New York

What format are the recordings in?

The recordings are generally a video with a slide deck and the presenter.

What if I sign up for one of the programs, but end up having to withdraw?

We understand that things happen that may cause you to have to withdraw from one of our programs. Because of this, we offer a 30-day refund option that allows you to receive a full refund within the first 30 days after the date that you pay and register.

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Training Testimonials

I really loved this [program]! I am so sad it is over. I have met such a wonderful group of people and I am looking forward to working with IPI people and people I have meet through this [program] for the rest of my career. Thank you so much for fostering a community. I am very interested in continuing engagement with my IPI cohort in any way that is feasible. So much gratitude and love!Sasha Alexander, MS, Massachusetts

The PATP year-long course has been so rich and inspiring in its depth and breadth of content and the training was delivered within an inclusive, culturally-sensitive, trauma-informed container. I really value and respect the diversity of the lecture material, the extensive expertise of the presenting faculty, the practical experiential exercises, and the sense of shared community that was created. I found the program very engaging and well rounded and appreciated learning about somatic, transpersonal, parts work, and indigenous approaches alongside with reviews of the latest research and clinical trials. I especially appreciated the program’s emphasis on ethics and professional development. I am very grateful for this experience and feel IPI has well-prepared me to become a competent and effective psychedelic-assisted therapist! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!Shayna Kelleher, MSW, LCSW, California

The lectures were filled with deep wisdom, scientific data, case studies and lots of practical information about PAT. Wonderful lecturers. Thank you for bringing in so many giants in the field. The KAP intensive really brought a lot together for me — excellent teaching, wonderful to be in person with fellow students — and left me feeling confident that I can do this work. Studying for the final exam made me very aware of how rich this program has been. Thank you!Sally Schwager, Ed.D., Connecticut

The course did a great job really delving into the various considerations necessary for my development as a psychedelic therapist. It did not focus too much energy on one element, but instead offered a wide variety of points of view.Richard Thomas, LPC, Arizona

The course did a great job really delving into the various considerations necessary for my development as a psychedelic therapist. It did not focus too much energy on one element, but instead offered a wide variety of points of view.Richard Thomas, LPC, Arizona