Is There a Secret to Happiness? – HPP 38

Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC

So many people claim they want to be happy, but so few people ever attain it. Keith Kurlander, CEO of Higher Practice, explains why it’s impossible to achieve the stereotypical version of happiness and redefines it into something that’s not only achievable, but something worth fighting for.

Many people feel as though they have tried everything they can in order to maintain a happy existence, but most people report dissatisfaction on a regular basis. It is easy to feel hopeless, and as if there is no coming out of your unhappy slump when it kicks in. However, when three essential components are brought back into balance, you can feel focused and clear, and obtain experiences of happiness and joy.

In this episode, Keith goes into detail about these three components and some tools and tips to help you and your clients experience a truer sense of happiness. There is a secret to happiness, but it begins with understanding and and changing your mindset so you can live in a healthy way.

Show Notes:

A new definition of happiness [2:30]

How to recognize if your body is in balance [5:45]

What to look out for when your mind tips you out of the “happiness” scale [9:45]

Why relationships matter more than you think [13:45]

How to have power in all areas of our life [17:45]

The importance of health in this entire puzzle of a happy existence [21:00]