My Inner Circle: An Intimate Conversation About Relationships, Love, Mental Health and Spirituality – HPP 39

Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC

Keith Kurlander, CEO of Higher Practice, in a fierce and loving dialogue, joins his inner circle in a conversation about community, relationships, love, mental health, and spirituality. Guests include The Smart Couple Podcast Founder, Jayson Gaddis, a Boulder, Colorado Men’s Group leader, Reuvain Bacal, and a thought leader in Integrative Psychiatry, Dr. Will Van Derveer.

In this episode, Keith and his inner circle explore the values of supporting and challenging each other, how to navigate the most difficult moments in life together through personal examples, and ways in which powerful friendships lead to personal and professional growth. When those around you have visions that align with your own, it automatically sheds light on your purpose, which leads to a more fulfilled life.

Show Notes:

Why community matters on the personal growth path [7:15]

How do we define love [14:15]

What allows depth in a relationship regardless of differences [15:00]

Finding a healthy balance between giving space, while still supporting those in your life [29:30]

The necessity of challenge in relationships [30:30]

The path of entrepreneurship and business [55:00]

What is the difference between a healthy mind and an unwell mind [1:04:00]