DIYing Your Private Practice from the Ground Up – HPP 37

Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC

Keith Kurlander, CEO of Higher Practice, understands the difficulties of building a private practice from the ground up. After plenty of trial and error, he’s discovered a number of great resources to make the process as stress free as possible.

Building a private practice can be demanding. Most mental health clinicians would agree that it can consume way too much time and money. When building a practice, there are a number of great online technologies out there to manage everything yourself in a relatively short amount of time without breaking the bank.

This episode is all about doing your private practice from start to finish by yourself (DIY)He explains a more savvy method to every bump that mental health clinicians face in regards to the backend processes. Keith discusses the latest tools for bookkeeping, taking payments, note taking, building your community, website making, social media, and simplifying the mass email process.

Using these methods, the transformation of your private practice will be easier and faster than ever before.

Show Notes:

How to save time and money in your private practice [1:30]

Tools and software to use for bookkeeping on your own [2:15]

How to take payments yourself with options other than cash [5:00]

Being an effective practitioner through easy, cloud-based note taking [7:45]

How to become known in your community [10:15]

Do it yourself website creation [12:45]

How to manage social media without wasting time [17:30]

Mass emailing made easy [21:30]