Relational Mindfulness: Where Relationship Science and Spirituality Meet – HPP 22

Ted and Gabrielle Usatynski

If you want a new perspective about what it means to have a spiritual relationship this episode will shed light on the subject. There are a lot of preconceived notions about spirituality and mindfulness. Many people assume that it’s really a solitary practice. However, when mindfulness is applied to relationships a powerful process can unfold where you can heal old wounds from the past, deepen into a secure foundation and, ultimately, thrive as a couple.

Our guests, Ted Usatynski and Gabrielle Usatynski, go into detail about mindfulness practices for couples, the truth behind health in relationships, how to truly make a relationship a spiritual path, and lots of other really important information about how to grow as a couple within a spiritual context.

Show Notes:

What is relational mindfulness [9:30]

What is a healthy relationship [13:30]

Spiritual growth between partners [20:30]

A personal story about co-regulation [23:30]

How is your partner your mirror [32:00]

Relational mindfulness and sexuality [41:30]

Ted and Gabrielle Usatynski

Ted Usatynski and Gabrielle Usatynski are married and founded Wake Up Together LLC, a digital education company devoted to bridging the gap between the realm of spiritual development and human relationships. Their online education course called Sacred Intimacy is the first attachment-based program of spiritual development for couples. Ted is the author of Instinctual Intelligence and academic articles on transpersonal psychology, the neurobiology of Tibetan Buddhism, and healing trauma as part of spiritual development. He teaches and leads workshops across the world. Gabrielle is a couples therapist and relationship expert. She has been clinically trained for the past 7 years by Dr. Stan Tatkin in A Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT). She is also inspired by her education from the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute and her in-depth studies of many spiritual traditions throughout her adult life. You can find more information at: