How to Awaken Your Genius as an Entrepreneurial Therapist – HPP 23

Paul Scheele, Ph.D.

Mental health professionals are mission-oriented in their career. They love to serve their clients, especially, when they are doing it on their own terms. Many professionals choose to do this in private practice in order to control their own hours, increase their hourly wage and reduce the paperwork. But therapists are not trained as business owners. They often find themselves with a lack of know-how around marketing, time management and how to operate at peak performance levels.

It’s essential to feel aligned with your own inner genius as an entrepreneur. Whether you are seeing clients one-on-one, creating a clinic or something more expansive, your inner genius will guide the way and keep you out of trouble. Our guest, Dr. Paul Scheele, is going to discuss how to tap into the entrepreneurial genius that’s already living inside of you so you can achieve your goals in private practice without waiting years on end for something to happen.

Show Notes:

Why an entrepreneur has to be a self starter [9:30]

How to manage priorities [14:45]

The genius that lives inside of you [19:15]

We are systemically “de-geniused” [22:15]

How to deal with the emotional highs and lows [28:15]

What happens if habits stop you from building your practice [39:45]