How Psychedelics Nearly Killed Me But Ultimately Saved My Life – HPP 25

Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC

Keith Kurlander, CEO of Higher Practice, reveals for the first time publicly a powerful story about his experimentation with psychedelics in college and how they led to a serious Bipolar diagnosis. This sent him on a personal and spiritual quest to find a solution to this disorder. What he found along the way was completely unexpected and ultimately freeing.

Psychedelic use is not typically discussed at length in our graduate programs and clinical training institutes. There is a lot of cultural taboo around the subject and mental health professionals are not immune to this problem. However, many clients have experimented with psychedelics and report both extraordinary insights as well as profound nightmares.

In this episode, Keith will discuss his own experiences with psychedelics with a focus on how one experience in particular led to the manifestation of mental illness. He goes on to dispel the myth that the psychedelic itself surfaced a budding mental illness. It actually surfaced something much more profound that took years to identify.

Show Notes:

The morning after my psychedelic nightmare [6:30]

My search for the causes of my Bipolar Disorder [14:30]

How psychedelics surface repressed trauma [21:30]

Working with clients who are you using psychedelics [26:00]

How to be grateful for all events from my past [29:00]