Erectile Dysfunction: It’s Not What You Think – HPP 24

Shari James, RN

Nearly 1 in 4 men under the age of 30 suffer from erectile dysfunction and the rates are much higher when we look at the entire lifespan of a man. Most men choose to take Viagra to deal with this problem. Although there is nothing wrong with this approach under most circumstances Viagra doesn’t address the underlying cause of the issue.

As a mental health or other healing arts practitioner, it’s clearly important to have a broader understanding of the causes of sexual disorders. According to our guest, Shari James there are a number of areas that typically need to be addressed in order to resolve ED. Those areas include: learning how to maintain a healthy mental state and releasing strong emotions regularly, increase circulation in the body, decrease stress, retraining the nervous system if trauma exists, harnessing and managing sexual energy, and saying yes to reality and no to porn.

Show Notes:

Shari’s personal story that led her to treating ED [4:00]

One takeaway Shari learned about men from strip dancing [9:00]

A case study of a man whose emotional baggage caused ED [18:30]

Breathing exercises that increase circulation [24:30]

Resetting the nervous system and arousal states [31:00]

How porn is causing ED for young men [37:00]

Shari James, RN

Shari James is a registered nurse, practitioner of the five elements of Chinese Medicine, and Master of Tantra. She has taken the mystery out of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and developed a holistic approach to men’s sexual health and performance. Her BE FIRM: ED Blueprint (TM) is a drug-free solution to end the struggle with Erectile Dysfunction. She coaches men is in structured and customizable way to overcome ED they can live vibrant lives. Visit for more information.