A New Model for Women’s Empowerment in Psychotherapy – HPP 26

Emma Derman Teitel, MA, LPCC

This episode comes at a time where the #MeToo movement has allowed so many women to step forward, speak their truth, and tell the stories of how men abused their power. That individual and collective voice is necessary for society to heal and evolve, which, in turn, can lead to more equality and safety.

Mental health professionals have heard these stories in their offices for many years. The storytelling is one important component of healing in a therapeutic context. However, often a much deeper inquiry and investigation into perceptions, traumas,  and core beliefs must also happen for a sense of inner power and authority of one’s life.

In this episode, Emma Derman Teitel talks about a truly empowering approach to feminist psychotherapy and helping women overcome internalized patriarchy. It’s often easy as clinicians to simply listen to stories that need to be told by women and stop there. However, a combination of support and challenge is needed in order to help a woman regain her inner power and bring forth her deepest gifts.

Show Notes:

Emma’s unique journey about what led her to working with women [10:45]

Feminist psychotherapy versus feminist theory [15:15]

Signals that women are actively struggling with patriarchal injuries [22:15]

How to challenge women to overcome the obstacles that they perceive [31:15]

The fuel and fire of the woman healer [37:15]

The power of gratitude [40:15]

Emma Derman Teitel, MA, LPCC

Emma Derman Teitel is a psychotherapist, coach and women’s group facilitator committed to the empowerment of girls and women around the world. She is passionate about guiding individuals and groups into a deeper connection with themselves and fostering the ability to live with embodied courage, grace and vulnerability.

She specializes in depth and body-centered psychology. Emma is a registered psychotherapist in the state of Colorado, a certified yoga instructor, a trained women’s group facilitator and a certified eating psychology coach. She has been working in the field of holistic women’s wellness for 10 years and uses a myriad of contemplative, somatic and solution-focused therapies. To learn more about Emma visit: www.emmateitel.com