Bruce Tift, MA, LMFT

Integrating Buddhist Thought and Mindfulness into Psychotherapy – Bruce Tift – HPP 84

The integration of mindfulness with psychotherapy is an important aspect of supporting people to achieve wellbeing. How we relate to the disturbances we frequently feel throughout our lives can be a significant determinant of our quality of life, and of the possibilities we perceive.

As we work toward a Buddhist psychotherapy modality, we will look at the practical application of bringing together the capacity to bear witness to our moment by moment experience along with a modern understanding of the psychological patterning we carry from childhood experiences.

In today’s episode, we are honored to have the opportunity to explore the blending of Buddhist theory with psychotherapeutic approaches with Bruce Tift, author of the wonderful 2011 book “Already Free.” Bruce has been blending these two traditions and teaching at Naropa University for 4 decades. Join us as we delve deep into ways to face the vulnerability of everyday emotional disturbances, and hear how to use Buddhist practices in therapy.

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Dr. Mariel Buquè

Intergenerational Trauma in the BIPOC Community – Dr. Mariel Buquè – HPP 83

The trauma of racism is a serious challenge for us to address as a society. The challenges faced by the BIPOC community are not only personal but also intergenerational. Traumatized individuals and communities of color face specific challenges in the healing path. Psychotherapists who work with clients facing these challenges need to know how to become sensitive to these specific challenges, in order to be effective allies in healing.

In today’s episode, Dr. Mariel Buquè, a Columbia University-trained psychologist, disruptor, and sound bath meditation healer joins us to explore these important and sensitive topics. Dr. Buquè has a unique perspective about what is necessary for individuals, communities, and our society to heal.

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JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN, EP-C

A Conversation with JJ Virgin about Health, Wellness and Staying Inspired – HPP 82

Overcoming the everyday challenges of life can be really tough for most of us. But if you look at it through a different lens, these obstacles are really just opportunities for us to grow into someone more resilient, be it in our relationships, careers, our well being, and in business. At the end of the day, it really is just all about our mindset.

In today’s episode, we explore topics around food, nutrition, health and having a positive mindset. We are deeply honored to welcome today’s guest JJ Virgin, celebrated author, certified nutritionist, influential fitness instructor and coach, and prominent TV and media personality.

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Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC

Dr. Will Van Derveer

If You Could Get a Message to Every Person What Would You Say – HPP 81

2020 has been such a massive and eventful year for all of us in the world, especially with the threat of COVID still lingering. On the flip side, it brought an opportunity for all of us to connect through different means and paved a new way to essentially enrich relationships, build connections and bring us closer together. As we enter the New Year, we thought a compilation of insight and wisdom from our guests would be a great way to get inspired and feel renewed.

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Stephanie Dueger, PhD, LPC

How To Be More Effective As A Parent – Dr. Stephanie Dueger – HPP 80

Often we think that parenting is common sense. However, as the world becomes more complex, our parenting knowledge needs to grow with it. At times, the responsibility that goes into raising children can feel overwhelming and can lead to physical, emotional and mental distress when we aren’t properly resourced.

Although parenting has its challenges, there is so much knowledge available to make the journey not only manageable, but deeply fulfilling.

In today’s episode, we are excited to introduce Dr. Stephanie Dueger, PhD, LPC, psychotherapist and parent coach, and to learn from her about ways in which parents can feel more prepared, resourced and fully embrace the process of raising children.

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Yogi Amrit Desai

Insights from One of America’s First Yoga Gurus – Yogi Amrit Desai – HPP 79

Throughout human history, we have always had a desire to achieve wellness and fulfillment in all aspects of daily life. The ancients may have already uncovered the secret by developing practices and rituals that involve conditioning the body and the mind, and incorporating the spiritual component.

With the impact and extent of damage that trauma, PTSD, anxiety and other similar disorders bring in our lives, what benefits do these practices offer? As providers, could Yoga really be a potent alternative treatment for our patients who are tremendously struggling?

In today’s interesting episode, we are honored to have one of the first to bring the teachings and practices of Ashtanga Yoga into the West, founder of the Amrit Yoga Institute, Gurudev Shri Amritji (Yogi Amrit Desai). We share fascinating conversations all around wellness, fulfillment, the ego, meditation and spiritual awakening through Yoga.

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Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC

Dr. Will Van Derveer

Laziness, Procrastination and Discipline – Keith Kurlander & Will Van Derveer – HPP 78

Do you sometimes feel like not doing anything at all on some occasions and just want to sit around doing nothing all day? Then, at a later time, you realize the many hours wasted during that time, so many meaningful tasks could have been accomplished. Why does it seem so hard to teach ourselves discipline and develop the right attitude towards doing more and being more productive?

In today’s inspiring episode, Keith and Will share their experiences about laziness, procrastination and ultimately overcoming these urges through discipline, conditioning one’s mind, and finding your purpose. Join us as we delve deep into this interesting conversation.

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Dr. Gabor Maté

Culture, Society and Trauma – Dr. Gabor Maté – HPP 77

Trauma has broken through the very fabric of every society, and this is quite apparent among ancient cultures and societies. We always see a frequent repeat of injustices, wars and unrest, as history has taught us. In today’s times, there really is no difference, apart from scientific and technological advancements.

Human beings, at the very core, yearn for truth, freedom, peace and justice. However, we always seem to fall into an inescapable possibility of cultural and societal failure. Why does this happen? When and where does trauma come in before the likelihood of a system failure? How do we clamp down on social issues that bring us closer to the edge of societal collapse? If trauma is apparent in our society today, how do we put a stop to it and allow for healing to start?

In today’s episode, a renowned speaker, best-selling author, and an expert on addiction, stress and childhood development, Dr. Gabor Maté, joins us for a fascinating and meaningful conversation around the topic of societal and cultural trauma. We discuss topics around social upheavals and unrest, structural racism, its origins, and what we need to do to allow for change to occur in our present day society.

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