Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC

Keith’s Personal Story of Overcoming Mental Illness – Keith Kurlander – HPP 76

Suffering from PTSD and other related mental illnesses brings so much negative and dark thoughts in all of us that can often lead to severe depression and suicidal tendencies. It’s no surprise that more and more cases of suicide are reported in the news and in all media outlets. This is a huge problem that we see today with an alarming increase throughout the years.

In today’s episode, Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC, shares with us his inspiring story, a transformative journey about suffering from a multitude of diagnosed illnesses with deep suicidal thoughts through healing, and what his valuable life experience has taught him around overcoming mental illnesses and how anyone can achieve it through an integrative model therapy.

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Bessel van der Kolk, MD

What’s New in Trauma Therapy – Dr. Bessel van der Kolk – HPP 75

Trauma has caused much grief and suffering for a lot of people, and it’s crucial for us, as care providers, to really understand why and how trauma started for each of our patients. There is still a lot to discover and learn when it comes to the conversation around trauma, and thanks to constantly evolving technology, we develop new ways of dealing with these challenges.

With all these technological advancements and methods of treatment available, where does the line end in terms of simply prescribing medicines that don’t really prove very effective in the long run versus opting for an integrative treatment approach? What are the concepts that we need to be aware of regarding the different stages of development in an individual and when the trauma specifically entered? Could that perhaps help us, as providers, choose a much suitable method of treatment?

In today’s episode, we are excited and deeply honored to be joined by a highly influential researcher, psychiatrist and pioneer, Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk. Join us as we immerse in conversation surrounding modern psychiatry and psychotherapy, EMDR therapy, the fascinating data around brain activity in patients suffering from trauma, and a whole lot more.

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Jason Garner

What a Highly Successful Music Executive Learned About Mindfulness, Love, and Purpose – Jason Garner – HPP 74

Not knowing our unique purpose and not realizing what we want to achieve in life may not be very comforting and may often lead us more into developing fear, anxiety and stress over time. While all of these thoughts bombard our minds constantly pushing us closer to the edge, perhaps all it takes is looking at it from a different angle. With all the struggles we face, we might simply need to change the way we think and introduce a new perspective in order to deal with all the stress and challenges that life throws at us.

Valuing ourselves, first and foremost, gives so much of an impact on the way we perceive life in general and how to live it fully. But with this in mind, how exactly do we go about achieving success in all our endeavors? What routines and practices should we implement in our lives that can bring us closer to our personal goals?

Today, we are graciously joined by former CEO of global music and concerts, Live Nation Entertainment Inc., Jason Garner. Join us as we deep dive into the conversation around love, purpose and self-worth despite the struggles in every aspect in our lives from grief to trauma and striking a perfect balance to come out on top.

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Rakesh Jain, MD

What You Need to Know About Medications from a Psychopharmacology Expert and Researcher – Dr. Rakesh Jain – HPP 73

The revolutionary developments in medication have tremendously brought massive significance in terms of treating our patients who are suffering from a myriad of mental health issues. While this positive force brings so many advantages, it does not yield a 100% efficacy, and worse, it may have led us to be rather too reliant on them, ultimately putting our patients at risk.

As providers, this certainly puts us at a difficult spot, and raises questions and concerns towards our practices and methods of treatment. What modalities can we try to allow healing? Is writing a prescription really effective and necessary? What are the risks involved? Finding the right balance between these could perhaps be the key towards total healing.

In today’s very insightful episode, we are joined by a renowned researcher and leading psychopharmacology expert, Dr. Rakesh Jain. Join us as we tackle advancements surrounding psychopharmacology and weigh the benefits versus risks, treatment alternatives, and interesting concepts that we should know about.

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Beatrice Chestnut, PhD MA

A Conversation About One of the Oldest Personality Systems – Beatrice Chestnut – HPP 72

Learning who we are through understanding each of our personality types provides an interesting eyeview of how we are perceived by people around us. It encourages us to put ourselves under the lens and to be critics of ourselves.

This certainly brings answers to the questions relating to why we are treated in a particular way in different aspects in our lives from relationships, how we deal with struggles and challenges, and why we have these defensive mechanisms we constantly revert to in terms of dealing with trauma.

In today’s episode, we are deeply honored to be joined by one of the most authoritative leaders in the modern enneagram movement, a highly regarded author, coach and business consultant, and licensed psychotherapist, Beatrice Chestnut. Join us as we jump into the exciting conversation around the different personality types and why it’s important for us to learn who we really are and have greater self-awareness.

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Sharon Salzberg

Insights From One of America’s First Meditation Teachers – Sharon Salzberg – HPP 71

Trauma has impacted countless lives, especially with the pandemic going on in the world. There’s no telling how much it can damage an individual as time goes by. With this reality, there have been several treatments to counter the effects it brings in our lives. However, there’s no real guarantee that one treatment will be as effective for the next person. But what if there was one that is easy to integrate into a possible routine with real significant effects?

For decades, thought leaders and pioneers have purposely studied and dug deep into developing methods on how we can allow healing to occur for patients suffering mental illnesses. There certainly has been a growing interest in the recent decades for employing meditation as a method that has real potential for healing and wellness.

In today’s interesting episode, we are deeply honored to be joined by a world renowned teacher, author and a meditation pioneer and industry leader, Sharon Salzberg. Together, we dive deep into the benefits that meditation and its practice brings for our patients, and how it can impact our mental well-being.

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Marc David, M.A.

The Psychology of Eating – Marc David – HPP 70

It really is convenient for us, in today’s times especially, to freely choose any type of food we want to eat at any given time. It’s quick and easy to order anything and have it delivered to your doorstep, if it’s a given option. While this certainly feeds the appetite more, is it really helping us mentally in a way that’s healthy for us?

Being mindful of what we eat has always been a precaution taught to us from an early age. But will consuming the food we always take comfort in really impact us in a negative way? Or is there something more profound that we are yet to learn behind that? And where does trauma come into play behind all this?

In today’s exciting episode, we explore how food and its relationship with the body affects us emotionally and mentally, ultimately shaping our understanding of our consumption behaviors. We are truly honored to converse with a best-selling author that brought us Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet, and the founder of the Institute For The Psychology Of Eating, Marc David.

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Tami Simon

Business as a Spiritual Path – Tami Simon – HPP 69

The world today is such an interesting place and living our lives in it brings forth very unique experiences that may be challenging, difficult and traumatic at times. Figuring out what our place is and what we should do in this vast world might be a question that lingers deep within our thoughts.

Having these profound, transformative and deeply spiritual life experiences will ultimately define us and shape our very decisions. It might even bring out the desire in us to take action. With this in mind, do you see yourself as someone who might consider taking risks that could potentially change your life? Then why not start a business?

In today’s inspiring episode, we are delighted to be joined by a celebrated entrepreneur, author and the CEO and founder of Sounds True, Tami Simon. Join us and together we delve deep into conversation around the spiritual journey through learning and meditation, and how to start a business by having the right mindset.

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