Julie Holland, MD

Chemistry of Connection, Culture and Psychedelics – Dr. Julie Holland – HPP 95

Interpersonal connection is essential for optimal mental and physical health, and even more challenged inside the social isolation brought on by this global pandemic. We don’t often think of ourselves as walking chemistry sets. But, when we view the body under this lens, we can discover powerful insights into our connections with ourselves and others, and how to optimize them.

In today’s episode, we welcome author, psychiatrist/psychopharmacologist, Julie Holland, MD to the show. Julie has been studying and writing about the chemistry of connections and psychedelics and their healing uses for years, as well as working with MAPS on several MDMA studies. She shares her insights into how as a culture, we can heal from societal trauma and what we need to consider for our patients in these tough times when there is greater amounts of social isolation and loss of connection.

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Kiko Ellsworth

Actor Kiko Ellsworth Shares About Transformation, Voice, Racism and Love – HPP 94

Actor Kiko Ellsworth began his career thinking that acting was the last profession he would ever pursue. It wasn’t until he got on stage that he realized how terrified he was to express his voice in the world. At that moment, he knew he needed to use acting as a vehicle for self-expression. But that was just the beginning. After years as a successful actor on TV and film, he decided to give it all up after hitting rock bottom and went on a search for a more fulfilling life. What he found is both simple and remarkable, and a testament to what’s possible when we listen to ourselves.

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Nishi Bhopal, MD

Approaches to Integrative Sleep Medicine – Dr. Nishi Bhopal – HPP 93

Sleep health is one of the most overlooked and essential factors for physical and mental health, as well as longevity. Yet, so many people worldwide suffer from sleep disorders, and this issue seems to only be increasing in modern times. Although sleep aids may help people fall asleep, they don’t necessarily support sleep efficiency which is a better indicator of restfulness and rejuvenation.

In this episode, we explore many important questions related to what goes into a good night’s sleep and why we are facing an increasing rate of sleep issues globally. We discuss integrative interventions, the role of wearables and where they fall short, and a map to understand the root causes of sleep disturbances. This is a great episode if you’ve been trying to optimize your sleep personally or working with clients professionally.

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Tripp Lanier

Healthy Men’s Leadership and Empowerment – Tripp Lanier – HPP 92

In today’s episode, we are joined by Tripp Lanier, a professional coach, author, and host of The New Man Podcast.

As a coach, Tripp has been guiding men toward connecting deeply with themselves, living lives of meaning, and achieving success from the inside out. We dive into topics around what hinders men from moving forward with their lives in terms of relationships, career, and business.

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Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC

Dr. Will Van Derveer

Keith + Will’s Personal Experiences with Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy – HPP 91

Getting up-to-date on the research and practical application of psychedelic-assisted therapy is only half the story. Ketamine is a unique medicine in its bioactive properties for treating depression, but it can also produce a powerful psychedelic experience that can be leveraged with psychedelic-assisted therapy.

In today’s episode, Keith and Will discuss their personal experiences with ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in an intimate look at the power of this medicine, how to integrate both uplifting and very challenging experiences, and ways to start to get involved in the psychedelic-assisted therapy revolution.

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Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC

Dr. Will Van Derveer

What to Know About Psychedelic Psychotherapy – HPP 90

We are entering a psychedelic renaissance with psychedelic therapy trials showing promising results and the shift in cultural opinions following the release of Michael Pollan’s book, How to Change Your Mind in 2018.

There are still many questions that mental health care providers have about psychedelics:
Can psychedelics cause psychosis?

If an individual has an underlying mental illness will psychedelics exacerbate the issue?

How promising are psychedelics for treating mental health conditions?

What to expect from different psychedelic medicines and what’s currently available legally for treating mental health conditions?

What spiritual experiences can be garnered from using psychedelics and can they be integrated properly?

In today’s episode, we delve into psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and explore these questions that are on many providers’ minds.

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Barbara Rothbaum, PhD, ABPP

VR Therapy for PTSD and Anxiety – Dr. Barbara Rothbaum – HPP 89

Countless technological breakthroughs with mental healthcare applications have been made in the last couple of decades. Thanks to the tireless efforts made by Barbara Rothbaum, PhD, ABP and other researchers, virtual reality (VR) is now a viable option for the treatment of PTSD and anxiety conditions.

In today’s episode, Dr. Rothbaum discusses the revolutionary treatment of virtual reality for PTSD and phobias, how the technology works, what you need to know to get started as a therapist, and the future implications for the practice of psychotherapy.

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Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC

Dr. Will Van Derveer

What is Spirituality? – Keith Kurlander and Dr. Will Van Derveer – HPP 88

What is the relationship between mental health and spiritual health? How do we define spirituality? Are there differences between a mental illness and spiritual illness?

That is the topic of today’s episode, where we explore the shared elements of spiritual well-being and mental health, how they support one another, and where these areas diverge.

Will and Keith dive deep into a conversation around spirituality, their own personal experiences, the technologies used in spiritual traditions and the field of mental healthcare, and how these synergistic fields interact with each other in overcoming states of suffering and achieving wellness.

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