Tirzah Firestone, PhD

The Unique Perspective of a Spiritual Leader on Racism, COVID, and Political Upheaval – Dr. Tirzah Firestone – HPP 63

Do we really understand the devastating effects that trauma brings? How do we know that we are suffering from trauma if it happened in the distant past, in our parents, grandparents, or even our ancestor’s time? Is trauma intergenerational? And if it is, does it directly affect our genes with the possibility to have it passed down to our children and grandchildren?

The reality is, most of us are completely unaware of how trauma hides itself in us. Living in today’s modern world, trauma may have already buried its roots deep in all of us that may have caused multiple societal issues. We almost always see or hear stories of civil unrest and suffering from groups and minorities because of political upheavals or injustices due to racism, add the fact that the existence of a global virus has significantly impacted all of us.

Today, these are only some of the many questions that we discuss and find answers to. We are honored to be joined by a respected spiritual leader, author and Rabbi, Dr. Tirzah Firestone and head deep into the conversation of how trauma can destroy not just the individual Self, but also our lineage, how it causes harm to those around us and how it has affected our society in a major way.

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Rick Doblin, PhD

A Dive with the Maestro behind MDMA Psychotherapy Research – Rick Doblin – HPP 62

Finding the best method of treatment for battling mental illness has always kept researchers and scientists on their toes. It is wonderful that we have all sorts of medicines specifically developed to target certain illnesses. However, these treatments are not always effective in the long term.

A new treatment possibility, most providers over the years have largely ignored, is psychedelics. MDMA-assisted psychotherapy could very well be the future. It could be a new treatment option for our patients who have been struggling and suffering for years with PTSD and other related illnesses.

Today, we are extremely honored to be joined by a very well respected researcher and scientist who has been at the forefront of psychedelic research for decades, fighting to legalize the use of psychedelics for future clinical practice. He is the founder of the multidisciplinary association for psychedelic studies (MAPS), Dr. Rick Doblin. We will be discussing all the interesting data that he and his team of researchers have gathered over the course of their research and we’ll learn the possibilities of when this treatment option will be available for the public, its cost and impact, the spiritual links of using psychedelics, and many more interesting topics.

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William Richards, PhD

Learning About Psychedelics from One of the First Pioneers – Dr. Bill Richards – HPP 61

In our modern world, especially with the threat of COVID, there’s no question that the amount of people experiencing trauma and other related mental illnesses are exponentially rising. In treating these illnesses, prescribing specially developed medicines have been extremely helpful. However, not all have a lasting effect that we so desire in our patients.

In this challenging field, opening new ways of treatment towards achieving full healing is something that is always accommodated. With this mindset, the question is what if there was an option for a new treatment with possible lasting effect? What if there was something that we could use in treating our patients that has always been there with ample research to back up its possible use?

In today’s exciting episode, we are deeply honored to be joined by one of the first pioneers in the study and use of psychedelics. We welcome Dr. Bill Richards. Join us as together we head deep into the topic of the psychedelic experience and the advantages of employing psychedelics in treating mental disorders.

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James M. Greenblatt, MD

Nutritional Deficiencies That Can Cause Eating Disorders – Dr. James Greenblatt – HPP 60

In today’s modern culture it’s no surprise that what we consume is largely influenced by what we see around us either in the media, internet or within the workplace. There are hundreds, if not, thousands of factors that affect our mental well-being and having a deficiency in nutrition can massively impact our capacity to think and make sound decisions that can ultimately multiply other factors that help worsen a fragile mental state.

In today’s episode, we discuss the lack of a push and awareness on the importance of nutrition and why providers should look more into incorporating this idea in their day to day practice. We discuss the role that the media plays on how it influences us and our children around nutrition and eating disorders.

We are very excited to be joined today by Dr. James Greenblatt, a revolutionary mind and expert on the treatment of eating disorders. Join us as we dive deep into issues involving imbalanced nutrition and how we can apply effective strategies and solutions to help avoid or combat existing symptoms of an eating disorder that you or someone you may know is experiencing.

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Rachel Yehuda, PhD

What We Know About The Transmission of Intergenerational Trauma – Dr. Rachel Yehuda – HPP 59

For several decades, scientists and researchers have been studying the root causes of trauma and PTSD in many people in several cultures. There have been interesting breakthroughs in this frontier that have revolutionized the way providers worked around treating these illnesses but there really is still so much going on in the mind that we have little understanding of.

A few years ago, a fascinating discovery surfaced about trauma’s intergenerational capability among children of Holocaust survivors and how these people have suffered in their day to day lives. It truly is astounding that trauma can be passed down from generation to generation. But entertaining this concept has certainly brought a number of questions that need to be answered. For instance, was trauma caused by the upbringing from parents as the first generation Holocaust survivors? Are there some aspects of the biology of the cell that can change or mutate due to the effects of trauma?

In today’s episode, we are very excited to be conversing with a very respected and revolutionary researcher, Dr. Rachel Yehuda and together we will focus on answering these questions and a whole lot more. Join us as we go deep in thought and discussion about how this phenomenon is possible, how it can impact the way we live our lives and where this will lead to in the future.

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Dr. Rohini Kanniganti, MD

Grief, Loss, COVID, and lessons from the end of Life – Dr. Rohini Kanniganti – HPP 58

Death is a reality of life that we all go through. Others will say that death is tragic and horrifying to encounter while some consider it a beautiful mystery, comparable to the miracle of life. All throughout human history, death has been a topic of much sorrow, wonder and awe that it often has a very elaborate and intricate story.

The reality of death stirs up and brings about powerful emotions in all of us, particularly grief. Experiencing a loved one’s passing and coping with the loss is certainly difficult, heartbreaking and can affect our state of well-being. But what if we looked at it the other way around? What if we rethink what death means and to really understand how the concept of death can bring empowerment in our lives?

In today’s inspiring episode, we dive deep into the conversation surrounding death, grief and loss. We are deeply honoured to be joined today by one of the most respected experts in dealing with patients at the end of life phase by adopting integrative methods, Dr. Rohini Kanniganti. Join us as we learn together and understand a new way of taking a look at the reality of death and how to cope with grief and loss.

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Charles Raison, MD

Psychedelics, Spirituality, and What You Need to Know About Depression – Dr. Charles Raison – HPP 57

Depression has always been one of the leading problems that most Americans face today and has exponentially increased due to the pandemic we are facing. The impacts that this has brought to the state of mental well-being has been severely damaging.

In today’s exciting episode, we are honored and privileged to be joined by an internationally recognized and highly influential scientist and leading researcher tackling mental illness, Dr. Charles Raison. Join us as we come to understand why depression happens in the first place and begin to learn of new ways that we can deal with it or at least control it by introducing different techniques and interesting concepts that our esteemed guest raises.

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Richard Schwartz, PhD

How the Fragmented Self Becomes Whole Through IFS – Dr. Richard Schwartz – HPP 56

Inside each of us there always is a raging battle for control and security between parts of ourselves that oftentimes we simply neglect. Unbeknownst to us, the results bring significant impacts to our state of mental health. But what if we could get them to agree with one another? What if we could bring peace to the fragmented aspects of our Self?

In today’s very exciting episode, we are honored to be joined by the highly renowned founder of Internal Family Systems (IFS), Dr. Richard Schwartz and together we answer these very interesting questions and unlock the wholeness that we so need. Join us and learn how we can apply these effective principles and concepts of IFS in our everyday lives.

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