Modern Men’s Work and Why It’s Needed More Than Ever Before – HPP 18

Reuvain Bacal, MA

This episode comes at a timely moment where so many women are speaking out about the ways that they have been mistreated by men both in the workplace but also elsewhere.

Men traditionally don’t have a strong emotional support system built into their lives. They can easily stuff their emotions and let those emotions take over in really unhealthy ways. This can lead to many stereotypical behaviors that cause men to relate to women inappropriately. In addition, men can live compromised lives and not reach their potential.

Our guest, Reuvain Bacal, is going to be talking about men’s work and what’s necessary to help men embody their purpose and their power in a healthy and constructive way in this world.

Show Notes:

How to help men feel safe and connected [6:45]

Why it’s so important for men to do group work [10:30]

Working with men’s anger and helping them with healthy power [15:15]

How to process somatic experiences of survival in men [18:45]

Educating men about trauma [22:30]

Why knowing your life’s purpose is so important [26:45]

Reuvain Bacal, MA

Reuvain Bacal specializes in men’s issues and couples work, and is a leader in the local men’s community. He has started and led men’s groups for over a decade. Reuvain is passionate about helping men connect to their heart and authenticity.