Richard Schwartz, PhD

How the Fragmented Self Becomes Whole Through IFS – Dr. Richard Schwartz – HPP 56

Inside each of us there always is a raging battle for control and security between parts of ourselves that oftentimes we simply neglect. Unbeknownst to us, the results bring significant impacts to our state of mental health. But what if we could get them to agree with one another? What if we could bring peace to the fragmented aspects of our Self?

In today’s very exciting episode, we are honored to be joined by the highly renowned founder of Internal Family Systems (IFS), Dr. Richard Schwartz and together we answer these very interesting questions and unlock the wholeness that we so need. Join us and learn how we can apply these effective principles and concepts of IFS in our everyday lives.

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Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT

How to Earn Secure Attachment in Relationships – Dr. Stan Tatkin – HPP 55

Wanting to build a strong and lasting relationship is never an easy undertaking, especially in today’s times. There are a multitude of factors and distractions that can easily affect the integrity of an already fragile relationship. This raises questions and concerns, and the need for us to truly understand what we must do to repair it and make it even stronger.

Throughout the years, couples are constantly facing massive challenges and hurdles to the point that they can barely keep their relationship afloat. Oftentimes, these struggles lead to deeper and darker questions about the stability of the relationship and inevitably causes the once loving union between two individuals to unravel.

In today’s exciting episode, we talk to Dr. Stan Tatkin, a renowned and highly respected couple therapist about the challenges couples face in all aspects in their relationship. Join us as we dive in head first to find out the significant factors that cause relationships to fail and discuss remedies and solutions to avoid it from happening from a scientific viewpoint – all the while discovering possibilities of revitalizing relationships.

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Dr. John Demartini

The Human Mind Explained by One of the Great Polymaths – Dr. John Demartini – HPP 54

Mental illness has plagued thousands of Americans over the years without truly addressing its root causes. In today’s very exciting episode, we are joined by a world renowned polymath, Dr. John Demartini, and together we learn, discover, understand and identify what causes this health condition and how we can avoid it.

Join us as we uncover the secrets on how we can live healthier mentally, socially and financially; and through understanding and accepting our individual values can we truly attain an optimal mental health.

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Joan Borysenko, PhD

The Existential Threat of COVID and What to Do About It – Dr. Joan Borysenko – HPP 53

Fear is evermore present as we face the reality of the threat that a global virus brings. In today’s episode, Dr. Joan Borysenko, a leader in integrative medicine and New York Times best-selling author, introduces methods of dealing with an imminent threat and discovering interesting ways on how we can face it.

Join us and together we dive deep in understanding the reality of the world we now live in and learn how we can cope with the challenges it will bring towards mental health.

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Sara Gottfried, MD

The Unique Health Journey Women Face – Dr. Sara Gottfried – HPP 52

Women face unique challenges in different stages in life; from puberty to adulthood. Sometimes, these challenges greatly impact the state of mental and physical health.

We are joined by Dr. Sara Gottfried, a specialist in integrative, functional and precision medicine, to discuss the myriad of issues in health that women suffer. Dr. Gottfried shares her personal and professional experience and the underlying treatment possibilities that women can apply in their lives.

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Peter Levine, PhD

The Inner Thoughts of a Trauma Guru – Dr. Peter Levine – HPP 51

Years ago, trauma was defined more by external events rather than the responses human beings have to those events. Psychological trauma can happen to anyone when they perceive a situation as a threat and are unable to complete a satisfactory fight, flight or freeze response.

The nervous system is designed to keep us psychological intact when we perceive we cannot keep ourselves safe in a situation. However, if we do not address the way in which our nervous and memory system categorized the event, the aftermath can be quite devastating. 

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Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC

The Anatomy of a Therapist’s Website – HPP 50

When searching for a clinician, most people will rely on the internet. Keeping that in mind, it is important that your website is easy to navigate and up to date with the best practices. Keith dives into some useful tricks to having a successful website that not only gets your authentic self across but also keeps clients coming in the door.

Every detail going into your website will have an effect on your viewers’ opinions, so understanding the anatomy of a therapist’s website is a key to success. Improving your website can be as easy as paying attention to your ‘about’ page, focusing on your specialty pages, or polishing your home page so you standout amongst others.

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Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC

Won’t You Be My Neighbor – Documentary Review – HPP 49

Mr. Rogers teaches us many beautiful lessons: that you are special the way you are, that we must respect the inner experience of a child, and that children ask very big questions if we are willing to listen. He had a capacity to delve into the inner life of a child and how much their world can enrich the lives of everyone. But that wasn’t the only side of Mr. Rogers.

In his documentary, you get to glimpse into the complex nature of this individual and what inspired him to inspire an entire generation of children. Keith discusses both the benefits and limitations of the Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and why this documentary is so relevant to every therapist.

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