Random Rab

The Spiritual Process of Creating Psychedelic Music with Producer Random Rab – HPP 108

Creating art is for music producer Random Rab a spiritual experience, and this is obvious in the art he creates. Rab’s prodigious output of compositions over decades has gained him invitations to play at some of the world’s biggest festivals and venues, and his warmth and connection to his audience is legendary.

In psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, the right music is a key element of the healing. In today’s episode, we’re delighted to have music producer, Random Rab, whose music has been used by therapists in their sessions to help soothe the mind as well as promote healing.

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Kimberly Ann Johnson

Women’s Empowerment, Sexuality and Culture – Kimberly Ann Johnson – HPP 107

Women often face tough challenges and power dynamics navigating our culture. Gender inequalities manifest outwardly but also inwardly for many women, including obstacles around self-expression, personal empowerment, enjoying pleasure and sexuality.

Today, we talk with somatic experiencing practitioner, sexological bodyworker, and author, Kimberly Ann Johnson. Join us as we explore the specific challenges women face in terms of empowerment, pleasure, sexuality, and culture, while living in a patriarchal society.

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Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo

The Filmmakers behind the Gabor Mate Documentary – Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo HPP 105

Documentary film is a potent tool for shifting perceptions about the challenges we face as a society. “The Wisdom of Trauma,” the latest documentary produced by Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo, reached over 4,000,000 viewers in over 200 countries. It depicts the pioneering work of Gabor Mate connecting the role of trauma to the skyrocketing rates of addiction and chronic illness that plagues Western society.

In today’s show, we are very excited to speak with our guests, filmmakers Maurizio and Zaya Benazzo, the artists behind the documentary “Wisdom of Trauma” featuring the work of Gabor Maté and explore what they experienced while making this fantastic film.

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Ken Wilbur

Ken Wilber Discusses Ego Development, Culture and Our Future – HPP 104

In today’s episode, we are incredibly honored to have a famous philosopher and writer, Ken Wilber, on the show. Ken’s work has been monumental in the field of transpersonal psychology and has developed the integral theory.

Today, he shares his insights about the ego structures, states of consciousness, human development and a whole lot more.

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Dr. Charles Grob

Psychedelic Insights From One of the Earliest Researchers – Dr. Charles Grob – HPP 103

For decades, Dr. Charles Grob has been researching applications of MDMA, psilocybin, and ayahuasca for a variety of human conditions including end of life anxiety, PTSD, depression, addiction, and more. His contributions have significantly shaped what we know about psychedelics today and how much of an impact it has on our patients.

In today’s episode, we hear about the early challenges in psychedelic research, and learn about Dr. Grob’s perspectives about what elements of a psychedelic-assisted therapy session are essential. We explore the exciting new developments at the intersection between the medical and the spiritual dimensions of healing.

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Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris

Conversation about Psychedelics, Ego Theory, and Research Developments With a Leading Researcher – Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris – HPP 102

Psychedelic research is gaining momentum, and Robin Carhart-Harris with his team at Imperial College, London is one of the most prolific groups pushing the science forward. In May 2021, the New England Journal of Medicine published their head to head depression study of an SSRI vs. psilocybin.

In today’s episode, we are joined by a pioneering neuroscientist, Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris. We dive into conversations around the effects of psychedelics on brain networks, the nuances of ego, self, and other, and exciting developments within the research.

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Steven Porges, PhD

Polyvagal Theory, Trauma and Neuroscience of the Mind – Dr. Stephen Porges – HPP 101

The stress response impacts every aspect of health, not only mental health. The vagus nerve is a major connector between mind and body and a big part of the parasympathetic nervous system.

In today’s episode, we are honored to welcome Dr. Stephen Porges, the author and mind behind Polyvagal Theory. Dr. Porges has committed decades of research to uncover the various aspects of how the vagus nerve is involved in trauma responses. Join us as he shares his wisdom and insights about the polyvagal theory, and ways that trauma therapy can make use of the vagus nerve.

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