How Therapists Break the Fee Ceiling by Becoming Coaches – HPP 28

Keith Kurlader, MA, LPC

Keith Kurlander, CEO of Higher Practice, talks about his experience of working with therapists across the world and why there is a fee ceiling in private practice. He discusses why many therapists choose to also pursue a career in coaching as a way to no longer have a fee ceiling that often doesn’t reflect the value of their services.

Coaching is a natural extension of therapy. It offers many techniques to getting short-term results with clients that are sometimes difficult to achieve in depth psychotherapy and even CBT models. In addition, high performers often gravitate toward coaches over therapists to achieve their goals in areas of their life such as career, finances, relationships, and mental and physical well-being.

In this episode, Keith breaks down the details of why so many therapists are making this transition, how it is advantageous when working with clients nationally and internationally, and ways of overcoming the fee ceiling in the one-on-one therapy model.

Show Notes:

The type of clients that benefit greatly from coaching techniques [3:00]

The fee range for coaches [7:00]

Online branding to become a national and international coach [10:00]

Mood regulation with coaching techniques for optimal performance [13:00]

Is it possible to create a local coaching practice? [15:00]