How an IUD Nearly Ruined This Woman’s Life – HPP 08

Moriah Arnold

Have you ever had a client with physical or mental health symptoms that festered for months or years but you couldn’t get to the root cause? Most people face a mysterious condition in their lifetime that doctors, therapists and other healthcare professionals simply don’t have a concrete answer as to why this problem exists and what solution is appropriate.

In this episode, we have a courageous woman willing to share her personal story of a debilitating seven year journey of complex neurological and psychiatric issues that nearly ruined her life. After countless doctors, misdiagnoses and failed treatment protocols, her own intuition led to an extremely simple discovery that eliminated her symptoms within days and probably saved her life.

Her story is an important reminder to mental health professionals that sometimes people who display the most complex psychiatric symptoms actually have a root cause that is overlooked and relatively simple to rule out.

Show Notes:

Mysterious psychiatric and neurological symptoms [4:14]

Moriah describes her worse days of her mysterious condition [6:45]

How different health care professionals misdiagnosed her condition [9:05]

Moriah faces the possibility of not being able to continue with her career path [12:15]

As an extremely ambitious person, she faces the devastating impact of her mysterious disability [16:15]

How Moriah discovers that her IUD was causing her psychiatric, neurological and physical problems [17:59]

Moriah’s words of wisdom to mental health professionals about IUD’s and atypical psychiatric symptoms [22:33]

Moriah Arnold

Moriah Arnold is a student of Civil Rights Law at Colorado Law and a MA Candidate in the University of Colorado’s Religious Studies program. She holds a BA from Naropa University in Traditional Eastern Arts and served for several years as a director and yoga instructor at the Santa Fe Community Yoga Center. Her current work focuses on the entanglement of religions and democracy in America.