Knowing Yourself with the Enneagram Personality System – HPP 03

Max Brandel

Personality systems have been around for a long time in the field of psychology. They’ve obviously influenced our culture when we say things like, “that person has a type-A personality.” And systems like the Myers-briggs have infiltrated non-profits and corporate America to help people understand each other and work together in better ways.

In this episode, we’re going to look at the Enneagram and the transformational power it has in a psychotherapeutic application. Unlike other personality systems, the Enneagram looks deeply into both the health and neurotic tendencies of personality types. This allows us to use it as a psycho-educational tool with clients and how they show up in their lives, but also as a therapeutic intervention which you will hear about on the episode. A great takeaway that’s going to apply to your office work is how the Enneagram classifies mental health and mental suffering. We’re also going to talk about ways in which clinicians use this in couples work and why the system is growing so quickly in popularity right now in the self-help and personal development field.

Max Brandel has been studying the Enneagram and the Diamond Approach for over a decade. In the Enneagram world that’s a really long time. He has a private psychotherapy practice where he integrates the Enneagram in his work with individuals, and has many insights and stories about how you can apply this to private practice.

Show Notes:

What is the Enneagram and how did it develop [9:25]

The nine types of personalities…which one are you [13:19]

How the Enneagram classifies mental health and illness [20:26]

Ways the Enneagram can be used with therapy clients [22:12]

Putting the Enneagram to use in couples counseling [31:58]

Current research studies utilizing the Enneagram and correlations to other personality systems [34:06]

Book recommendations for people just starting out with this personality system [35:16]

Max Brandel

Max Brandel has been studying the Enneagram and the Diamond Approach for over a decade. He is a registered psychotherapist and has a private psychotherapy practice in Boulder, Colorado. He attended Naropa University and Regis University where he studied psychology. He has worked in inpatient and outpatient settings with children, adolescents, and adults ranging from moderate to severe mental health issues.