The Most Comprehensive Education Solution for Mental Health Providers

Including Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists, Physicians, NP’s, PA’s, Naturopaths & Psychotherapists

We train mental health providers to resolve underlying causes of mental illness, so your clients/patients can go beyond symptom reduction and attain a state of wellness.

Our training programs were specifically designed to help you…

Gain the knowledge you need to help your clients breakthrough long-standing issues

Elevate your practice by learning new and effective treatment modalities

Minimize provider burnout & find fulfillment in your career
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    IPI Online Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Training

    Get Certified as a Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Provider.

    This training is designed for therapists, physicians, nurses and other allied mental healthcare professionals who want comprehensive training in psychedelic-assisted therapy, in order to utilize ketamine as a psychedelic medicine and ready themselves for the anticipated approvals of MDMA and psilocybin.

    250+ hours learning

    90% live virtual learning

    Research-backed lectures and materials

    30+ faculty members comprised of world-renowned leaders & top-tier experts

    Optional in-person ketamine-assisted psychotherapy retreat

    Supportive community of like-minded peers

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    Psychedelic Training Testimonials

    The PATP year-long course has been so rich and inspiring in its depth and breadth of content and the training was delivered within an inclusive, culturally-sensitive, trauma-informed container. I am very grateful for this experience and feel IPI has well-prepared me to become a competent and effective psychedelic-assisted therapist!

    Shayna Kelleher, LCSWCalifornia

    The program is highly organized, well developed, with a wide range of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy topics as well and inclusion and diversity education and awareness. The teachers had a palpable sense of integrity that, in my opinion, sets this program apart from the rest. Would highly recommend this program to others.

    Leslie Madrak, DONew Jersey

    This far surpassed my expectations. It was a grand vision, and IPI delivered. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had access to so many experts, and to start conversations about the future of mental health that I have been wanting to have for years.

    Emily McKay, LPCMassachusetts
    IPI Online Year-Long Fellowship

    Become A Certified Expert In Integrative Psychiatry.

    Our flagship program is the Year-Long Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship designed to train healthcare providers in evidence-based, non-pharmaceutical interventions to assist patient recovery, restore balance in their lives, and achieve the highest standard of living.

    155+ learning hours

    95% live virtual learning

    Research-backed lectures and materials

    30+ faculty members comprised of world-renowned leaders & top-tier experts

    Live telesummit to kick off the session

    Live, in-person conference in Boulder, CO

    Supportive community of like-minded peers

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    Fellowship Testimonials

    I think the community that we’re building is fabulous to be able to be online with so many other psychiatrists and primary care doctors who are really interested in the same approach of finding and treating root causes. And we discuss cases and discussion of the research, we talk about what’s coming up as the latest things in this field, which is so new, it’s one of the huge draws for me.

    Anu French, MDMissouri

    The faculty has gone above & beyond. Not only do they bring incredible expertise, but they have been available to answer questions. They’re genuinely interested in us becoming better providers.

    Katie Kern, ARNP, PMHNPWashington

    Everything, literally felt so meaningful and useful at this training, and it prompted even more learning since then. There is so much amazing information to learn and the value of the expert panels cannot be measured. This training was really different than other conferences, because it truly represents an integrative approach.

    Tara Cox, RNColorado

    We're more than just an education solution; We're a COMMUNITY.

    Beyond providing knowledge and learning resources, we foster connections and collaboration among individuals from all walks of life. Within our community, learners become active participants, engaging in discussions, sharing ideas, and supporting each other’s growth. It’s a place where curiosity thrives, and knowledge is celebrated. We believe that learning is not a solitary pursuit but a collective journey, and together, we create an environment that inspires and empowers each member to reach their fullest potential.

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    Other Programs

    IPI Ketamine Medical Provider Online Training

    This program designed for psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, other physicians, CRNA’s, NP’s, PA’s, and other allied healthcare providers, will teach providers all the details of evidence-based ketamine treatment for mental health and pain syndromes. Plus, you’ll learn routes of administration, psychedelic medicine, aftercare, building a business, and how ketamine works with other types of therapies.

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    Nutritional Psychiatry Certificate Program

    This program is designed to get providers of mental health care up-to-date on the emerging field of nutritional psychiatry and its applications to stabilizing and optimizing clients. If you are a medical provider who wants to make data driven nutritional interventions and you also want to know more about the underlying physiology driving personalized nutrition, this program is for you.

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    Personalized Medicine For Mental Health Program

    This program builds off of the year-long fellowship allowing providers to truly move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to mental healthcare. Now that you have the foundations of integrative, functional, and nutritional medicine, you’re ready to gain expertise in deep phenotyping of patients so you can make the most effective treatment plans that lead to wellness, optimization, and longevity.

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    Meet Our Founders

    We’ve been in your shoes. We understand the frustration that comes with struggling to find treatment options that actually work for your clients. We believe that all human beings can achieve wellness, and that providers deserve fulfillment in all areas of life. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help you provide the best level of care while enhancing your practice and minimizing burnout.

    Headshot of founder Will Van Derveer, MD

    Will Van Derveer, MD


    Will Van Derveer, MD is co-founder of Integrative Psychiatry Institute (IPI), along with friend and colleague Keith Kurlander, MA. He co-created IPI as an expression of what he stands for. First, that anyone can heal, and second that we medical providers must embrace our own healing journeys in order to fully command our potency as healers. Dr. Van Derveer spent the last 20 years innovating and testing a…
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    Headshot of founder Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC

    Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC


    Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC is the Co-founder of the Integrative Psychiatry Institute and the Integrative Psychiatry Centers. He has practiced integrative psychotherapy for over a decade. After years of treating highly complex patients, as well as a personal journey of overcoming complex mood-related issues, he turned toward integrative psychiatric practices as a key component to achieving mental health…
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    Join us as we explore cutting-edge techniques, advancements, and insights that empower individuals to reach their highest potential. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary odyssey of personal growth and self-discovery.

    Through engaging discussions, enlightening conversations, and a wealth of knowledge, we invite you to come along as we unravel the secrets of optimal mental health. Brace yourself for an enlightening experience that will reshape your understanding of yourself and equip you with the tools to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and clarity.

    Together, we will uncover the profound insights that enable you to tap into your inner strength, cultivate well-being, and unlock the boundless possibilities that lie within you. The journey towards optimal mental health and the realization of your true potential awaits—come unlock the doors to a brighter future with us.

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    More Testimonials

    Ektha Aggarwal, LCSW


    “I was so taken back at how inclusive this program was. As a therapist of color, many trainings and programs include culture as part of the program. This program was different; it did not include culture, it made it the foundation of learning from every aspect. I felt seen, heard, and understood.”

    Amy Schimmel, LCSW 


    “This training has been well organized, professional and so very inspiring! It brings together all of the elements that are at times siloed in medicine, mental health and spirituality. Highly recommend!”

    June Shibley, Pharm.D., N.D. 


    “Make sure you attend next year! There were so many integrative topics for psychiatric conditions. I was especially interested in learning about psychedelic studies, nutritional and herbal therapies, and tapering patients off drugs.”